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Gibson's University Bookstore, Inc. Dismisses Lawsuit against Lansing Community College

March 10, 2016

LANSING, MICH. - Lansing Community College (LCC) has agreed to allow Gibson's University Bookstore, Inc. to dismiss the lawsuit that it filed several months ago against the College and MBS Direct, LLC, the successful bidder on a contract to provide online bookstore services to LCC and its students.

Gibson's requested LCC's agreement to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice and without costs to any of the parties. The move came shortly after LCC and MBS filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds that it lacked any basis in fact or law. LCC's Board of Trustees approved that request at its meeting Monday night, and Judge Dragenchuk's order dismissing the case was entered the next day.

Devon Bradley, LCC's director of public relations, said "Despite the litigation, LCC and MBS Direct will continue to work together to provide Gibson's and other vendors the opportunity to sell books through the online Market Place. The Market Place will provide LCC financial aid students, and all other LCC students, additional opportunities to purchase books at favorable prices from a variety of participating vendors while assuring that LCC funds advanced as "book vouchers" are used only to purchase books. We continue to appreciate Gibson's contribution to our community and our students, and hope they will work with us to make the Market Place successful."

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