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Eco-Scholars asks: “What are you doing to save the earth?”

LANSING, Mich. - Interested in how we can lessen our carbon footprint by taking advantage of green, alternative energy sources? What are the latest innovations to achieve lower home energy use? What new initiatives can be proposed to recycle more than just aluminum pop cans? Learn about local recycling resources, composting, repurposing materials, and much more!

Lansing Community College students will be exploring those and other questions  at the fourth annual Eco-Scholars Day to be held from noon to 3 p.m. on Friday, April 19 at LCC’s West Campus.

LCC students, faculty and staff will show off the outstanding work they do individually, as part of a class or on their own under the broad themes of sustainability and the environment.  Anyone is welcome to view the posters and listen to the workshops at no charge. It’s not a competition. No one goes home a loser. But everyone stands to gain something.

“April gives our students the opportunity to learn more about current things happening in efforts to sustain energy and provide clean alternatives,” said Kathy Shell, Director of Instruction at LCC’s Technical Careers Division. “There are current technologies emerging right now that some people might not even be aware of. Eco-Scholars Day gives students and the community a forum to come together to share and explore ideas.”

Last year, over 50 students took part in workshops or designed posters. Organizers expect at least that many this year. Some of the topics at this year’s event will include recycling grease, down the drain consulting, saving energy and cutting expenses at the flip of a switch, exploring solar heating options that you can make at home, a workshop on AdobeConnect, and back by popular demand--LCC Fashion students display garments made from a combination of upcycled clothing and trash.

Dr. Tom Deits, Project Director, Innovation 5, will be the featured speaker.  Dr. Deits will be giving a presentation on “Nanotechnology and the Built Environment.”  Over the past decade some key principles of nanotechnology have begun to positively impact how we create and maintain our built environment.  Come find out how!

Since some of those taking part do their class work at the downtown campus, a shuttle bus will transport them to and from the West Campus event.


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