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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a problem, where do I begin?

Student complaints may be directed to the Division in which the complaint originates. Student Affairs oriented complaints may be directed to

Student appeals (grades, discipline, rules violation, educational record, and admissions) may be processed utilizing the normal Due Process.

What should I do if I have a tuition refund appeal?

Students may experience situations that are beyond their control and may be eligible to receive a refund for part or all tuition paid for a semester beyond the published refund periods. If a student has extenuating circumstances, e.g., a medical emergency, an accident, military deployment, other situations beyond their control, or a situation that is the result of college error, he/she can submit a request in writing to be considered for an exception to college policy. The Request for Exception to College Policy form is available from Enrollment Services and must be completed and submitted with supporting documentation. The form and documentation is reviewed by the Registrar's Office and the student is notified in writing of a decision. If the request is approved, a refund will be mailed to the student, or the amount outstanding on the student account will be removed. If the request is denied by the Registrar's Office, the student may appeal the decision in writing to the Refund/Residency Review Panel. Decisions rendered by the Refund/Residency Review Panel will be final.

I may have made a bad decision, what can I expect next?

In cases of noncompliance with the Student General Rules or a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, the College will impose discipline that is consistent with the impact of the offense on the College community. Progressive discipline principles will be followed in that the student's prior discipline history at the College will be taken into account. Disciplinary action taken against a student may include, but is not limited to, one or more of the following:

  1. Written Warning - A notice in writing to the student that the student is violating or has violated institutional regulations.
  2. Probation - A written reprimand for violation of specified regulations. Probation is for a designated period of time and includes the probability of more severe disciplinary sanctions if the student is found to violate any institutional regulation(s) during the probationary period.
  3. Loss of Privileges - Denial of specified privileges for a designated period of time.
  4. Restitution - Compensation for loss, damage, or injury. This may take the form of appropriate service and/or monetary or material replacement.
  5. Discretionary Sanctions - Work assignments, essays, service to the College, or other related discretionary assignments.
  6. College Suspension - Separation of the student from the College for a definite period of time, after which the student is eligible to return. Conditions for readmission may be specified.
  7. College Dismissal - separation of the student from the College indefinitely.
  8. College Expulsion - separation of the student from the College permanently.
  9. Revocation of Admission and/or Degree - Admission to or a degree awarded from the College may be revoked for fraud, misrepresentation, or other violation of College standards in obtaining the degree, or for other serious violations committed by a student prior to graduation.

Withholding Degree or Certificate - The College may withhold awarding a degree otherwise earned until the completion of the process set forth in this Student Code of Conduct, including the completion of all sanctions imposed, if any. More than one of the sanctions listed above may be imposed for any single violation.

Interim Suspension

  1. Interim suspension may be imposed only in the following circumstances:
    1. To ensure the safety and well-being of members of the College community or preservation of College property; or
    2. To ensure the student's own physical or emotional safety and well-being; or
    3. If the student poses an ongoing threat of disruption of, or interference with, the normal operations of the College.
  2. Interim suspension will take effect immediately upon the direction of the Dean of Student Affairs (or his or her designee) and last for no more than 10 days. The 10-day period may be extended for good cause by the Dean of Student Affairs (or his or her designee) or by agreement with the student.
  3. During the interim suspension, a student shall be denied access to the campus (including classes) and/or all other College activities or privileges for which the student might otherwise be eligible, as the Dean of Student Affairs (or his or her designee) may determine to be appropriate.
  4. The interim suspension does not replace the regular process, which shall proceed on the normal schedule, up to and through the completion of the Judicial Board Hearing, if required.

If I have a concern, where can I report it anonymously?

You can use our comments form to anonymously report your concern(s).

Student Affairs Division

Student Affairs Division
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